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November 2016

Importance of The First 1000 Days Highlighted at Tweddle's 96th AGM

Posted:Thursday, 24 November 2016

Author:Kerrie Gottliebsen

Tweddle Interim Chair Mr Bryce Prosser joined Interim Treasurer Ms Doris Whitmore, Board members and CEO Ms Jacquie O' Brien in presenting the 2015/16 annual report at Tweddle’s 96th AGM on Wednesday 23rd November. Mr Prosser spoke about the importance of Tweddle’s work improving the trajectory of a baby or toddler’s life through early intervention. He shared insights into new programs and partnerships improving outcomes for families such as Working Out Dads and new Day Stay locations in Whittlesea and Brimbank. “Tweddle’s work is to continue to educate and lobby around the importance of infant mental health and the need to target funding to support services working in the first 1000 days of a child’s life” he said. Board, management and staff were joined by special guest Dr Rebecca Ritte who spoke about the First Thousand Days Australia (conception to age 2) in an indigenous context.Read more...

Assessment & Intake A Lifeline for Struggling Parents

Posted:Thursday, 17 November 2016

Author:Kerrie Gottliebsen

Tweddle’s Assessment & Intake team are the lifeline for up to 100 mums and dads every week. Parents have often waited months or more to turn to someone for help. After securing a referral, parents speak with Tweddle’s Assessment and Intake Coordinator. It is here where Tweddle explore the risks, complexity and adversity of a family’s situation. A parent’s sensitivities to their child’s needs and feelings during times of stress, exhaustion, anxiety or depression can be compromised. Here we talk to the friendly Scot and frontline support facilitator for Assessment and Intake Paula Poots about what it is like helping struggling mums and dads through difficult times.Read more...

Tweddle Announces its 96th AGM

Posted:Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Author:Kerrie Gottliebsen

Tweddle Board, management and staff invite you to attend our 96th Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 23th November from 3pm to 4pm at 53 Adelaide Street Footscray.Read more...

New Tweddle staff add experience for at risk families

Posted:Monday, 7 November 2016

Author:Kerrie Gottliebsen

Tweddle has recently added to the incredible breadth of experience and support families receive during their admission to a Parenting Assessment and Skills Development Service (PASDS), Residential or Day Stay program. Tweddle welcomes four new health professionals to the clinical team.Read more...

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