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Government Roadmap for Reform prioritises earlier support for struggling families

Posted by Kerrie Gottliebsen | 14/04/16

Tweddle welcomes a new range of measures announced  on the 13th of April by the Andrews Labor Government. In particular, increased in-home support services for vulnerable families and extra child protection workers ensuring that Victorian families are as safe as possible.

Tweddle CEO Ms Jacquie O’Brien acknowledged the Roadmap for Reform: strong families, safe children in spelling out the importance of services working together, driving family centred approaches, and protecting children as early as possible.

“As a public hospital delivering evidence based front line in home and residential interventions for vulnerable babies, toddlers and their families, Tweddle commends the initiatives as a positive start”  CEO Jacquie O’Brien said today.

“Tweddle programs are underpinned by the growing body of evidence relating to the adverse impact on infants who experience traumatic stress in the crucial early childhood development phase” she said.   “The quality of interactions and attachment relationship between a baby and their parents is the core process for brain development and impacts on lifelong health and wellbeing outcomes. It’s encouraging to see Minister Mikakos articulate the importance of prioritising earlier prevention and shifting the focus from responding to crisis, to prevention and early intervention.”

Ms O’Brien applauded the Government’s commitment to developing a ten-year plan to address Victoria’s family violence problems, creating visible, accessible places to get support in local communities and building on the strengths of existing services including Early Parenting services.

As highlighted in the Roadmap for Reform: strong families, safe children, the early years of life matter because that is when the foundation of the brain’s architecture is established. Without solid developmental foundation, a child can run into problems in adolescence and adulthood.

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