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A time to reflect on National Families Week 15 - 21st May

Posted by Kerrie Gottliebsen | 19/05/15

At Tweddle Child and Family Health Service we’re constantly reminded of the importance of family to babies and young children.  Tweddle staff are committed to helping a family’s very early beginnings with their new child and are honoured to provide that support. Parents from all types of families make contact with Tweddle when they are struggling with their relationship with their child or circumstances at home. Families will initially phone us because their a baby or young child isn’t sleeping or they’re hard to settle, which often means that no-one’s sleeping.

Exhaustion and fatigue are issues that many people cope with for extended periods of time before they seek help. When combined with the demands of work, domestic duties, isolation and family relationships,  it’s no wonder that those first calls for help are both stressful and provide a sense of relief that help is at hand.

Our suite of family support services are underpinned by the growing body of compelling evidence from the field of infant mental health. Tweddle has a vital role in building parents’ internal and external resources to manage challenges and stress, for example skill development, knowledge, therapeutic interventions and community support.  

Our team of Psychologists based in Footscray are available to help all families, either while they are staying with us residentially or in an outpatient capacity.  Our new In Home Service means that we can see families quickly.

Many thousands of families are helped by one of our early parenting programs every year.  National Families Week gives a moment to reflect on how important that work is in the lives of families.  Click here for more information about how we can help your family.  


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