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Tweddle launches new In Home Service and Infant and Perinatal Psychology Service

Posted by Kerrie Gottliebsen | 26/08/14

94 years after Joseph Tweddle opened The Tweddle Baby Hospital and training centre for mothercraft nursing, Tweddle is very excited to launch three new initiatives, a new In Home Service, an enhanced Infant and Perinatal Psychology Service and a new Practice Framework that underpins all services.

Joining them at the launch was Ms Andrea Coote, Parliamentary Secretary for Families and Community Services, assisting Mary Wooldridge. Guests from the early parenting and early years sectors gathered with local and state Government representatives including Christine Owen, Director, DHS Western Melbourne.

Tweddle Board Chair, Dr Nicole Milburn and Tweddle CEO Ms Jacquie O Brien agreed that the new In Home Program and Infant and Perinatal Psychology Service aligned with Tweddle’s overall strategic goal to improve service reach, support parents with emerging and existing challenges and deliver place based programs.

Ms Coote spoke with guests about Tweddle’s important history and noted that the DHS were thrilled to be partnering with Tweddle.

“The work that is being done at Tweddle is absolutely essential and Minister Wooldridge is particularly pleased with the work being done” she said

“The In Home service will complement the work that Tweddle already provides for vulnerable families” said Ms Coote “When you are able to help families at home, you can get a better idea of where the challenges lay and the Department know exactly what a valuable program it is”

“Tweddle’s Infant and Perinatal Psychology service is another truly valuable initiative, enhancing access to Psychology services, group programs and other specialised services”

Ms Coote also acknowledged Tweddle’s important work at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.

The complexity of family trauma and the critical significance of intervening early, especially so with young children exposed to abuse and neglect was shared by Ms Coote. She reminded us of the Department’s priority which was was for children to be kept safe from harm and have every opportunity to succeed in life. This was underpinned by three high level strategic goals, to prevent abuse and neglect, act earlier when children are vulnerable and improve outcomes for children in statutory care.

Tweddle’s In home Service provides three flexible packages of care ranging from four 2 and a half hour sessions to up to nine sessions over six weeks for families with complex needs. The therapeutic team are qualified to work through parenting issues which can be made even more debilitating when impacted by anxiety, depression, disability and relationship breakdown.

Manager of Community Programs Sue Wilson is delighted with the new program “We know that for many families, seeing them at home is a more effective way for the family to work with clinicians and embrace new skills. Clients can self refer or be referred through integrated family service organisations like Child FIRST. Our In home service increases access to our services for vulnerable families, something that we are very proud of”

Tweddle’s Infant and Perinatal Psychology Service garners a team of experienced and highly respected Psychologists. The new service significantly increases capacity and expertise to triple the amount of clients Tweddle are able to support. This includes helping mums, dads, couples, carers and grandparents cope with emotional health issues, and we can help all of these people together with an infant or child up to four. Whether it be anxiety, depression, adjusting to parenting, relationship issues or childbirth trauma, Tweddle can help families manage difficult and sometimes traumatic life circumstances.

Both of these programs respond to the growing demands placed on families. Our programs will help parents develop awareness and an understanding of the crucial role they play in their child’s healthy development. Factors like early brain growth, confidence in reading and responding to a child’s cues, understanding vulnerability and risk and strengthening attachment underpin our new programs.

Tweddle's In Home Service information can be found here

Tweddle's Infant and Perinatal Psychology Service information can be found here

Ms Andrea Coote, Parliamentary Secretary

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