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Tweddle & Berry Street present the Dr. Kristie Brandt Seminar, The Baby, the Biology and the Family in Stressful Life Circumstances

Posted by Kerrie Gottliebsen | 02/11/11

On 14th November Dr. Kristie Brandt will present The Baby, the Biology and the Family in Stressful Life Circumstances Seminar. Presented by Berry Street and supported by Tweddle, the Seminar will provide an overview of the essential ingredients for optimal child development including the impact of the prenatal period and early care giving on epigenetics, neurobiology, and behaviour.  

Dr. Kristie Brandt is Director of the Parent-Infant & Child Institute, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Paediatrics V.F at U.C. David School of Medicine, a Child Trauma Academy Fellow with Dr.Bruce Perry, and a Visiting Faculty with the Brazelton Touchpoints Centre at Children's Hospital, Boston.

Dr. Brandt is an internationally recognised expert on infants and young children, and she provides consultation and training throughout the United States and abroad.  Dr.Brandt's work is focused on parent-child interaction, child and parent development, and the impact of a child's early experiences on development, relationships, behaviour and lifelong health and wellbeing.

To read more about Dr.Kristie Brandt and the Seminar or to register click here 

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