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Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Tweddle Announce Infant Mental Health Awareness Week

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 is an international initiative during 12th – 16th June that invites Government, industry and consumers to consider the distinct needs of babies and toddlers and to invest in the critical services that support the first thousand days (conception to age 2).

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 promotes the importance of attachment and responsive, sensitive caregiving for infants during the antenatal period. The World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) recently released a position paper on the rights of infants to highlight the unique needs of babies and toddlers to those of older children.

This is due to the critical window of development that takes place in the first 1000 days where 80% of a child's brain is developed. Relationships are crucial to babies during this period and are the building blocks for good mental health in childhood and throughout life. 

The Tweddle Foundation supports the critical work and facilities of Tweddle Child and Family Health Service. Out vision is for a Centre of Parenting Excellence based in Melbourne's West and to invite organisations to join the global Infant Mental Health movement.

You can donate to The Tweddle Foundation here, to help build a future for families.

Many business people are interested in learning about the impact they can have in the lives of disadvantaged families in their local and braoder communities. There are a number of ways you can work in partnership with Tweddle while bringing lasting benefits to babies, toddlers and families impacted by trauma, family violence, drug and alcohol misuse,mental illness and attachment disruption.

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Infant Mental Health Awareness Week Events 2017


Babies, Business and the Bottom Line - Tweddle's Inaugural Business Breakfast featuring Bulldogs president Peter Gordon


Key Insights For Your Workplace

  • Learn the secrets of building winning teams
  • Gain invaluable ideas on building resilient and happy workplaces
  • Be ahead of the game with the latest evidence on brain development

So, what do babies, resilience and football victories have to do with your workplace? The building blocks for strong workplaces are built on resilience, the ability to bounce back in the face of challenges, adapt to new and different situations and to ask for help.

The first 1000 days of life are the greatest predictor of lifelong physical and mental health and the capacity to develop resilience. Here at Tweddle, we know this because we have been working with the last three generations of Victorians - gaining incomparable 95 years of expertise of early life and brain development.

We know that absenteeism and low productivity is directly linked to challenges such as relationship conflict, family violence, parenting issues and poor mental health.

Tweddle are leading Victorian experts in the underlying areas that will be impacting your workplace. This event is designed to share with you an insight into building a resilient team from the perspective of a AFL Club president, a leading US Psychiatrist and early brain development experts Tweddle.

Promoting social and emotional wellbeing and resilience cannot be taken for granted. This event will help you to understand the importance of resilience to the eco-system of every business; children, partners, families and communities.


Peter Gordon may have told his Grand Final story, but his insights into success are grounded in an incredible story of resilience both on and off the field.

Dr Bruce Perry is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world on brain plasticity and the development of essential workplace skills including social-emotional skills, resilience, trust and respect.

This event is part of international Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2017.

Babies' Brains Matter - Infant Mental Health, Attachment & Trauma Seminar

This event is sold out - join our mailing list / waiting list 

As part of Infant Mental Health Awareness Week, The Tweddle Foundation will also present Babies' Brains Mattera half day seminar (9am – 12.30pm) on Thursday 15th June at Tweddle’s Education Centre and feature guest speakers Kristen Pringle, Dr Matthew Roberts, Ms Lauren Vanderzeil and Ms Louise Gawler.

Kristen Pringle is a paediatric Occupational Therapist, an infant & parent/child/youth & adult Mental Health Clinician, a Yoga Teacher, and one of 15 Trauma Center Faculty Trainers worldwide (TCTSY-T).  Kristen is also a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator.

Dr Matthew Roberts is a Psychiatrist specialising in the area of infant mental health. Dr Roberts will be talking on the topic of Dads and mental health. 

Lauren Vanderzeil, a Family Support Coordinator at Tweddle, has a Bachelor of Occupational Health, extensive Early Parenting sector experience and has worked internationally and in Australia as a mental health clinician including at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Louise Gawler is Tweddle’s High Risk Program Manager. Louise, a Registered Nurse and Midwife with a BSc (Hons) in Child & Family Health, is currently completing a Masters of Infant Mental Health. She has worked with vulnerable families across Australia and overseas for over 25 years.  

Guests speakers are specialists in infant mental health, childhood trauma, early parenting support and interventions. Tickets to this event are limited and can be reserved at the Babies Brains Matter eventbrite page

These Tweddle Foundation events are presented as part of Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2017.

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